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What we offer

We offer our technology services with the aim to develop the best solutions achievable in term of time, performance, cost and manufacturability to our customers. With over combined 50 years experience in developing optoelectronic systems technologies for large consumer electronics company we will engage with you at any stage of your new product development from initial feasibility study all the way to prototyping and pilot line development.

You will get:

  • Optical systems solutions to your most challenging problems

  • Professional advice and development support

  • Experience of developing technology for manufacturing

  • Close partnership and communication

  • Realistic timescale

  • Flexibility


Working with us

We understand the requirements of a business. Hence by using our services, you will have access to highly experienced optics designers, physicist and experimentalists to deliver your technology/project. We establish from the first discussion with you a high level of transparency and reporting so that at any stage of the project you can have access to status. We aim that you consider us a part of your team. We take great care of intellectual property and confidentiality which will discuss and agree with you early in our discussion.

Our work applies in a wide range of market sectors.

Consumer electronics