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Energy Harvester Info (pdf) Sharp Devices of Europe Introductory Video

Sharp’s new PV energy harvesting technology generates six times more power than conventional devices for a given surface area, translating to dramatically higher energy budgets for applications such as building automation, wearable devices, wireless sensors, and low-power displays.

Sharp is pleased to announce a ground-breaking solution in energy harvesting for smart buildings and connected devices. Sharp’s unique photovoltaic technology harvests up to six times more power than conventional amorphous silicon technology and was developed by a team of researchers at Sharp Laboratories of Europe based in Oxford, U.K.

Sharp’s PV energy harvester is perfectly tailored to indoor light environments, providing  unmatched performance for building automation, Internet of Things and wearable device applications, wherein a high power budget for sensing and transmitting data is critical. The device can harvest ambient light efficiently down to as little as 10 lux. Its black appearance combined with its high performance and hence small foot-print will enable more aesthetic solutions for design-led products. The PV energy harvester technology has the potential to drastically reduce the usage of batteries while increasing wireless device functionality. Prototypes of the energy harvesting technology are available for evaluation.

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