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2020- Active matrix QD-LED display demonstration

Development of UV lithography process for patterning red, green and blue QD-LED pixels received distinguished paper award at Display week August 2020.

2018 - Green laser diode

Semiconductor structure design of Sharp green laser diode emitting at 520nm with an output power of 130mW

2017 - Low reflection LCD

New LCD design maintaining high visibility in sunlight

2016 - Ultraviolet laser module

The world’s first compact laser for the UVC range enabling new chemical sensors

2015 - Ultrahigh efficiency photovoltaic energy harvester

New solution for powering devices from ambient indoor light

2014 - Microfluidic technology

A breakthrough technology for automated miniature droplet handling

2013 - Miniature full blood count (FBC)

Analyser using microfluidics, with potential for revolutionary impact on point-of-care medicine

2012 - Colour-accurate mode

Enabling accurate colour reproduction on mobile device LCDs

2011 - 3D LCD technology

Bringing a new 3D experience to handheld gamers without the need for special glasses

2008 - Privacy mode LCD

Enabling switchable privacy on mobile phones without any additional hardware

2007 - Integrated optical sensors in LCD

Adding optical sensors to displays

2006 - Dual View LCD

Allowing driver and passenger to simultaneously use a display