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About Sharp

Right from the very beginning, Sharp has been driven by originality. Starting with our founder Tokuji Hayakawa and his spirit of sincerity and creativity, it’s the force that still drives us today. In 1912 Mr Hayakawa set up a metal works in Tokyo and in 1915 he invented a propelling pencil that he called the “EverSharp” pencil, a product that eventually gave the company its name.

Today Sharp manufactures a wide range of innovative and life-enhancing technology products. These include appliances - from mobile phones and televisions to robots - and the advanced components such as displays and semiconductor devices which enable and improve communication and entertainment in our connected world.

Everything we do is about bringing to life new solutions that create a new way of living, thinking and being.

Our mission is to originate technologies that enhance lifestyles and support individual expression. We create inspirational and innovative solutions that let you be you.

At Sharp, we are here for our customers. Everything we create is designed with you in mind; your needs, your dreams, your desires. Whether it’s for your home or organisation, we provide the solutions you’re looking for. Our starting point is how our products and solutions will benefit peoples lifestyles and work-styles. It’s not the technology that drives us, it is how the technology helps make life better for you and for everyone.

As long as people have hopes, visions and ideas, Sharp will be there to create the products and services to make them real.

There is only one Sharp.
There is only one you.
'Be Original.'

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