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Sharp is a global leader in many aspects of semiconductor technology. Our research aims to contribute to the strategy and future success in this area but also to create new opportunities for Sharp. Our work is carried out in close collaboration with colleagues across the world, particularly in Japan, ensuring that we are able to offer highly targeted and relevant research at all times. Our team is composed of scientists from many different countries with varied backgrounds including optics, modelling, physics, materials and devices. We thrive in generating new ideas and technologies based on customers' needs and world trends, generating new intellectual property for Sharp and developing proofs of concept for the next generation products.

The name System Devices reflects the drive towards smaller, more efficient, novel and more integrated technology. The team research areas span diverse fields from designs of new semiconductor laser diodes to development of new optical modules using LED and Laser diodes. Our team would generate the concepts, evaluate and refine them using highly sophisticated simulation tools and then prepare, develop and characterise prototypes in our laboratories.

Our group has developed complex and powerful simulation tools which are continuously used in all our technology development. Excellent laboratories facilities from light tight room for optical systems development to characterisation laboratory and fully equipped cleanrooms enable us to take our concepts to reality. They are then taken on by our factories for product development.

Publications where our technical work has been published:

For details about the UVC laser modules developed by our team, please visit this page