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Emissive Displays


Displays are an indispensable component in many of today’s consumer electronics products and play a key role in delivering great functionality and user experience. Sharp has pioneered the technology and manufacturing of liquid crystal displays (LCDs) since the 1980s and today we produce industry-leading display components for products including mobile phones, cars, televisions and digital signage. Sharp Laboratories of Europe has been at the forefront of displays research for more than twenty years and is proud to have delivered many inventions which have improved these products.

The Emissive Displays group has a mission to create original technology for next-generation displays. Our R&D is focussed on displays which directly generate light at the pixel level – organic LED (OLED) and other approaches – and which offer disruptive improvements over today's products. The scope includes the design, fabrication and characterisation of emissive display technologies, as well as thin film transistor (TFT) engineering and advanced optical design. We are fortunate to have great facilities at our Oxford laboratory, in particular cleanrooms and chemical laboratories, tools for materials and optical characterisation, and advanced simulation software.

Our team of physical scientists and engineers blends core knowledge of displays with expertise in photonic device development, materials, semiconductors and electronics. We work in very close collaboration with R&D and manufacturing colleagues elsewhere in Sharp, particularly in Japan. We also work with industrial and academic partners and welcome any interest in forming collaborations through