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SLE scientist runner-up at FameLab competition

27th April 2016

SLE wins Institute of physics award

5th November 2015

Innovate UK Supported Project Designed to Provide 'Self Powering Autonomous' Sensors

13th May 2015

The Garmin-Sharp Tour de France team coach visits SLE

30th June 2014

Industrial Fellowship awarded to two SLE engineers

30th October 2013

IDW Best Paper Award

7th January 2013

SLE Receives Royal Visitor

7th January 2013



Sharp is now in its second century. Our product range would have been unimaginable when the company was founded by Tokuji Hayakawa in 1912, but we expect the advances in technology to be even more dramatic in the coming years.

Sharp Laboratories of Europe has played a prominent role in the development of technology for Sharp products since our formation in 1990. For example, we have been the centre of expertise within the corporation for "added function displays" creating technology such as no glasses 3D, dual view displays, sensor in display, memory in display and variable viewing angle displays.

Our role has evolved and we have active research covering a broad range of technologies that will be a benefit to society. Using our skills and expertise we are actively developing TFT circuits for an advanced microfluidics platform that will enable health diagnosis on a chip.

Climate change remains a challenge for mankind and the future energy strategy is being debated. We are developing advanced solar solutions that will offer consumers combined heat and power. We also have activities to develop new technology to deliver fresh business models in the energy arena and in collaboration with partners are developing future energy technologies for storage and services.

As a company we believe in being open and working as a team to bring our individual skills and expertise to finding innovative solutions to problems. Our success is in commercialising technology through our parent Sharp Corporation or in collaboration with other companies and we are active participants in collaborative projects supported by Innovate UK, The Department of Energy and Climate Change and similar organisations.

To achieve our goals we need people who are excellent in their own specialism, who will take us in new directions, but who also have a passion for creating new products and who thrive in teams with other specialists.

For the last decade we have run a very successful graduate programme. We started because we wanted to attract more people at the beginning of their careers in research and development. We have been delighted with the response from graduates who know they want to continue with science or engineering, but are not sure what a career in industrial research is like. We have structured a programme that allows graduates to carry out projects on several topics around the lab in their first year. As we expected, our new recruits have found this very useful. An unexpected bonus for us has been how much they have achieved on the projects and how much synergy they captured whilst moving around the lab. So, if you want to do research and development but are undecided on whether optics, health, energy, semiconductor devices, electronics or systems research is more interesting, then this could be the place for you.

We aim to offer a friendly working environment, where people freely share their time and expertise. Outside of work many of our people are keen (and competitive) in a variety of sports or as talented musicians. Our projects and opportunities for 2016 look more interesting than ever and so if the idea of working here appeals to you, or you wish to discuss an opportunity to collaborate then please get in touch. Whatever your reason for visiting, we hope that you will take the time to read about some of our research.


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We are always interested to hear from people with a first or 2(i) in Physics, IT, Chemistry, Mathematics, Engineering or Electronics
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