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Getting Started

You will join a team of people who have a range of experience and you will quickly get to know them. You will have a planned induction programme to help you to learn about our research, and the company. Within a very short time you will be contributing fully.

Getting Help

We have a wide range of experts in the laboratory and one of the most enjoyable things is helping each other to develop ideas. It happens formally in invention review meetings and brainstorms, or informally in the restaurant. Several people have submitted a patent, made a prototype, or published their ideas, within a year of joining the lab because of this strong support for each other.

Living in Oxfordshire

We have an ideal location on the Oxford Science Park. Oxford is an attractive place to live with theatres, restaurants, museums, pubs and clubs. It is close enough to cycle or to catch the bus to work.

Working for a Japanese Company

We are part of a very successful Japanese consumer electronics company that was founded in 1912. The company has a proud history of technology firsts that include the first mass produced liquid crystal display calculator and the first mass produced liquid crystal TV. Of course Sharp is still the leading producer of liquid crystal display televisions in the world. We work very closely with our colleagues in Japan. Their ability to take prototypes and turn them into high volume, high quality electronic products is amazing.

This means that the time from an idea in our lab to a product in the shops can be very short. During visits to Japan to discuss the technology, it is an added bonus to enjoy Japanese food and culture.

Is Sharp labs for you?

You want to stay with Science

You have spent several years becoming an expert in your degree subject and now you want to put it to use. You want to learn new skills and develop your career, but you want science to be an important part of your job because you enjoy it. Most importantly you want to see how science, engineering and maths create new products.

You want to see your technology in a product

You want to take your friends into a shop and show them the products that use your technology. You want to be working on products that will cause a sensation when they are released. You want to be on the cutting edge of consumer electronics.

You want to do longer term research

A substantial portion of our research is devoted to the longer term. Our aim is to create completely new technology platforms that we can use in several products. Research like this takes several years and needs patience and real insight. Maybe you have the qualifications, the personal drive and the creativity for this longer term research.

You are strong technically

In this laboratory every person counts. Once you are established then what you say goes. That means that you have a first or a 2.1 as well as the courage of your convictions. You will develop strong personal expertise but always be open to learning about new subjects.

You want to learn new skills

Whilst you are using your scientific knowledge you will be learning about project management, personal effectiveness, customer interaction and all the other skills you need to be successful in a company technology environment. We will support you with courses that we have developed, with coaching and mentoring.

You understand that we all have a customer

You will join us in taking a pride that we always meet our commitments to our customers. We are funded by the Corporation for longer term research and set our goals over five years. We are also funded by individual Sharp businesses to carry out development projects. Here the targets are much shorter term. Whoever the customer is, we aim to deliver exceptional value.


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