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training & development

Training and development are key priorities at Sharp Laboratories of Europe, for the following reasons:

1) To give all members of Sharp Laboratories of Europe the skills they need to make us successful.
2) To enable staff to reach their full potential.
3) To enhance the value that Sharp Laboratories of Europe adds to Sharp Corporation.

The aim of our training and development plan is to ensure that any member of the R&D teams at Sharp Laboratories of Europe has skills necessary to interact with business groups in Sharp.

• Establish key needs of the business;
• Write a research proposal;
• Agree a research contract;
• Manage a project;
• Work in close partnership with colleagues;
• Deliver technology to the business.

We want our people to develop as individuals - to promote innovation and creativity - and also to build up the key skills to enable them to work as an effective member of a team - exchanging ideas and providing feedback.