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vision & values

Our purpose is to add value to Sharp through innovative technology. We believe we can do that best through:


We add value to Sharp through teamwork. We work in close partnership with our marketing, development and manufacturing colleagues, we have a close working relationship with colleagues in Japan. We work in teams within the lab to release all the expertise that we need. We work in teams with our partners in universities.

Career Development

By developing each person to their fullest potential, we add the most value to Sharp. We offer a wide range of training in technical, commercial and interpersonal skills. Often we develop our own training material to keep ourselves at the leading edge.

Responsiveness to Customers

Our customers are both internal ones, the Sharp businesses, and external organisations. It is the application of our technology by Sharp businesses that creates value for Sharp. For that reason our partnership with those businesses is key to our success. Likewise we work with partner organisations to commercialise our technology.

Innovation & Creativity

We are in a global race to develop the best products based on the best technology. Our innovation and creativity are our strongest assets.


At SLE we are all members of the same team, all with different roles to fulfil. Treating each other with respect, and acting with honesty and integrity are fundamental Sharp behaviours.