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People at Sharp Laboratories of Europe come from many countries, have a range of technical backgrounds and certainly have different approaches to their work. We are united by a desire to see our technology in products that customers enjoy using.

Some people enjoy working very closely with our colleagues from marketing and manufacturing in Japan. They get to understand exactly what technology will give us a lead in the market. Getting the definition of the project right is an essential step to success. They also manage the transfer of our research into production. This means that they get to see the incredible skill of our manufacturing engineers who turn our laboratory concepts into high volume products.

Some people enjoy working on research which is further from the market. They have the incredible challenge of starting with a blank sheet of paper and asking “How can we create a new technology platform that will enable a family of novel products?” They spend more time talking to our partners in universities and develop creativity techniques. They concentrate on generating patents which will give Sharp an advantage.

We also have a very talented support team who continually work to increase the efficency of our research. Their flexibility is key to our success because nothing we do is routine.


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We are always interested to hear from people with a first or 2(i) in Physics, IT, Chemistry, Mathematics, Engineering or Electronics
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