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Sharp Laboratories of Europe was founded to contribute new ideas and technology to Sharp products and to support our major European customers. We are a UK company, wholly owned by Sharp of Japan. Being in Europe means that we can recruit some of the best European scientists and engineers and we can interact with leading European research institutions.

Our funding to do research and development comes from Sharp and in return we provide technology for Sharp Products. In addition we seek external funding to pursue collaborative projects with outside organisations, where we can contribute expertise and capability for the benefit of all partners.

So far our technology has gone into mobile phones, handheld games, laptops and tablets and automobiles to name but a few.

We are developing new technology that will not only enhance existing products, but seed new business opportunities for Sharp in Health, Energy and the Environment.

We have an ethos of respect for the individual, which shows in our teamwork, the diversity of our staff and our responsiveness to the customer.


"We hope that you will be able to find what you are looking for on our website. We have recently introduced a graduate entry programme to the laboratory and this may be of interest to you."